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Claire Bradley

Claire has a gift for inspiring those around her. She draws her gifts from her own innate desires to see others happy…and from her life experiences.

I’m a student from New York City,  living and interning in Washington DC. I’m also an artist, an art lover, and a mom to two adorable kitties!

I have a variety of pursuits, and being a lifestyle model means that my life experiences and passions drive my work. It certainly makes for a spicy story!

And that’s what I’m here to do. To mesh my story with yours – to create an even bigger story. It can be the greatest story that I’ll never tell!

This niche of modeling allows me the flexibility to lead a full and colorful life. It also allows me the flexibility to entertain a variety of different projects. There’s probably nothing that you and I can’t accomplish together!

Let’s find out where this fortuitous discovery leads…